"Buttons and patches and the cold wind blowing,
The days pass quickly when I am sewing"
~Author Unknown

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Primitive ornaments SAL - The Holly and The Ivy

While considering what to use as a subject for this month's ornament, I was thinking about Christmas carols. I love traditional carols. One of my very favorites is The Holly and The Ivy. I have put the name of this carol on our next ornament with trails of holly and ivy. I used French knots for the little berries by the holly leaves but you could also use small beads if you wish.

Copy the handwritten chart to Word or an email to print it out...

Here are a couple of photos sent to me. The first is from Hetty who lives here in Holland. She does not have a blog but we keep in contact with one another as she regularly reads both my blogs. I enjoy our online friendship and she just sent me this photo of one of the ornaments that she made. I am glad my ornaments give you something in hand while getting over the sadness of loosing your precious dog Joey! Sending cyber hugs your way Hetty!

Letty has made the ornaments each month adding sweet touches with extras like the little buttons on Warm Hearts and Hands...

...and sequins, beads and tiny jingle bells to Joy to the World.

Today is HarmAn Day once again. Margaret and I will both be starting a new project. Since I am at Cranberry Cottage today working on it, I will share the project in my next post. Perhaps you would also like to join Margaret and I by starting something new today?


Brigitte said...

I love your series of primitive ornaments very much and have them all printed out. But not stitched yet. Those finishes you show here are very inspiring. I hope to stitch the whole series in the autumn to have them done by Christmas.
The idea of a HarmAn day is just gorgeous. I'm so curious to see your new start.

Nancy said...

Love the new design, and love the colors, and love the song. LOL. Leave it to you to find SANTA and have him putting presents under your tree already.
You have been so busy doing your room over, are you getting any real quality elf time in also? Hummmmm, I wonder. Miss Pickles might be slacking.
Love you and hope the cottage is great this weekend.
Hey, my word for you is salliu, almost Sally, as in Silly Sally you.

angelasweby said...

What a lovely addition to your collection of primitive Christmas ornaments. Each one is a simple representation of phrases and Christmas themes which we hold dear in our hearts. I love trying to imagine what your next subject will be :>)
It's their very simplicity which allows people to interpret the designs in the lovely way they have.
Hugs Angela

Daffycat said...

Perfect new freebie! Thank you!

Saskia said...

No time to do cross stitch.. But you can make them for me?? I would love to have them;-)
Look at my blog, a babyquilt has to be finished in a hurry!
And I thought I was early with a autum count down, but halloween and christmas!!... "griezels" time flies.
Had fun dragging you around in a 'chickentown'. But I let the barrier down ,so you can't go in anymore 'grinn'.

Anonymous said...

I really like your latest ornament. It is such a timely release as it is so hot and a nice time to get started on Christmas items! Oh, yay, I found your blog again. I can't wait to get my laptop back! : (

Linda said...

Hi Heidi, I always look forward to today. I love this design....thank you so much....hugs, Linda

Anonymous said...

Weer een mooi patroontje.
leuk zo met die fijne takjes.

Wat betekent Ivy nu precies !?

Leuke foto's van de ornamentjes. Hetty heeft een frisse kleur gebruikt.
En Letty is heel trouw en heeft inderdaad een heel bakje vol, leuk !!!!

marian'ne m

Anonymous said...

Hi Heidi.
Weer 'n leuk patoontje,van de andere heb ik ook een kopietje gemaakt,je ken nooit weten misschien krijg ik ooit nog eens de kriebels,maar wanneer?????

Letty said...

Hi Heidi, your new pattern is cute as ever!

Anneke said...

hoi Heidi,

dank je wel voor dit ornamentje weer; met deze warmte heb je niet zo snel te gaan kerst-borduren: maar het blijft in de planning!


Denise Felton said...

So pretty! I just put a link to this post on my blog. I hope it brings you a few new visitors.


Vivian said...

I just discovered your blog. I love the ornaments. I hope to make them this next year and decorate a small tree with only these ornaments next year. Thanks.