"Buttons and patches and the cold wind blowing,
The days pass quickly when I am sewing"
~Author Unknown

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

New beginnings.....

This blog is once again full so I am starting over with a brand new blog. I hope you will stop over there and bookmark it to visit instead of coming here. The new blog is call Stitched Memories in Time and I hope you will enjoy it...

Thank you so much for all your comments here on All My Scattering Moments. I have so appreciated the friendships that have come about through the blog. Those memories are carried over into my new blog hence the name Stitched Memories in Time.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Keeping warm on a cool summer's eve.....

The weather turned quite chilly again in Holland. We have even had a fire going in the wood stove in the evenings on and off. But I am warm regardless with my latest finish...

I wanted to dig into my rather large stash of yarn. I have really had a bad case of yarn greed since I started crocheting. At least this project helped out by plundering my stash for 19 skeins.

I wanted a delicate look so choose a pattern with the shell stitch but also made it look rustic with stripes of cream, light grey, beige and dark grey. I knew I would just have to keep going until I ran out of yarn and it happened faster than I had hoped when I ran out of dark grey. You see.....I hope it would become huge and I could use it on a double bed but instead it is a perfect size to snuggle up on the couch with. I am really pleased with it!

More finishes to come this week. One finish has to be kept secret. I finished a door hanger which is the theme this year for my quilt group's Christmas in July gift exchange. I just love it and hate to give it away which is a good sign. I cannot wait to have the party in July and see who gets it. I promise to share it with you then.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Of strawberries and stacks of projects.....

Back in April, Bep and I had our SAL day and finished our strawberry pincushions. These are pincushions that are specifically made for our quilting.
We sewed the strawberry shape and stuffed them. We added a crown made of wool felt cut to look as real as I could make it. We first pierced a kebab stick (Jos cut these to the size of a spool of thread for us) through the felt and well into the strawberry filling before tacking the crown here and there to the strawberry. The results is a pincushion which stands in the spool ready to hold any needles and pins as you quilt.

Our lunch theme this time was a typical Dutch sandwich (Bep made a "broodje gezond" which is tomato, cucumber, lettuce, boiled egg and cheese on a brown roll) and a typical American sandwich (I made a chicken club sandwich on ciabatta bread). We had our SAL day at Bep's this time due to the weather as she would have to bike to my house in the rain. Unfortunately, we had no SAL day in May since she is away on vacation. I missed our day as we have a fun new project to start on once again!

As you can see, I really do use my strawberry when I sit down to quilt. I am working this weekend on hand quilting a doll quilt. It is nice to be able to park my needle and know where I put it. *wink*

It has been a busy week sorting through UFOs in my quilt studio. I have been grouping them together according to stitching, quilting or finishing UFOs. I added a number to my list for my UFO challenge. It is time to get back on track with them instead of any new starts. And since I have just bought three fabulous charts from The Primitive Hare, I will have to cross off at least three UFOs quickly to be able to start on them. I finished one today and will share it in the next blog post.

It is hitting home that we are already into June and I did not keep my goal up of 2 UFOs a month. To date, I have completed 14 things this year but only 7 of them are from my UFO list. It is not easy to only work on UFOs so I am now going to be thrilled if I can keep one a month as a finish. Many of my projects just cannot be finished so quickly. I have had two people comment recently that my quilt studio is looking more bare so I know it is working to focus on these stacks.

Anyone else doing well with working through their UFOs this year? Do you find listing them and working through that list helps. Or do you just pick up what you feel like it? Or...shock---horror...do you not have any UFOs? *grins*