"Buttons and patches and the cold wind blowing,
The days pass quickly when I am sewing"
~Author Unknown

Friday, November 6, 2009

Itchin' to be stitchin'

Due to another complication with my thyroid condition, that is me. Itchin' to be stitchin' and I do mean literally. *grins* So while I keep my mind occupied, yet another UFO is moving along at a fast pace. I now have the top half of my Noah's Ark stitchery quilt put together. I am using my quilt group's theme of charm quilts to put this together. I have a scrapbox of strips of leftovers and am using a different fabric for each 'log' around the stitchery.

Some of you do read both of my blogs but I thought I would update you on my condition on this blog too. More test results are back and we know a little more about my breathing problems but first...

I had to see a neurologist as my endocrinologist wanted me to see him since she thought I have carpal tunnel in both hands. After an hour and half of examinations, he told me that it was not carpal tunnel. I had expected that as I have pain in both my hands and my feet. I also have major itching all over my body. I have generally not been feeling like I have control again which was how I felt back in April before my thyroid stopped working. He told me that I have a rare side effect from Hashimoto's disease. Pain is common but the itching is from the antibodies my body is producing attacking the small nerves around my entire body. I have had my deeper tissue tested with an EMG and the neurologist who did this test said it looked okay so it is definitely my thyroid.

I then saw the endocrinologist again and she told me that I do have Hashimoto's disease and that my thyroid levels are rising once again. She increased my dosage of medicine again. That explains why I have felt like my body was out of control again and also becoming very cold. Poor Jos has had to put up with me turning the heat up. He keeps wrapping me up in blankets so he can turn it back down.

Good news for two things. My neck has reduced by one full centimeter since I had the radioactive therapy. Woohoo!

I also have two asthma medications I take now as I have a chronic airways infection that are really working well. I can even take walks again without coughing and gasping for air. Bad news is we now know the reason for this infection is I have dust mite allergy. Total disaster for a quilter!!! And boy do I own stash. I have no idea how I can fix this problem as I love having the choice to start a project five minutes after I feel inspired since I have the shop in my house to choose from. *wink* I now know I have to continue on my stash diet and work down the amounts of stash a bit.

During the day, I keep myself very busy with my stitching and quilting to get my mind of the itching. I called the hospital and will be able to talk to the specialist again on Monday. I hope she has found something that can help. In the meantime, this is all very good for my UFO stack and this second one I had as a goal to be finished before the end of the year should be done in another two weeks instead. There are four more blocks to stitch. I just love how this is coming out. The little animals in each of the blocks are so adorable.

Are you working on any UFO goals now that we are in the last few months of the year?


Nancy said...

I LOVE THIS PIECE. It is so cute. It is going to be great when it is finished. Just make sure Noah doesn't decide to put Dagi in the ark, you might have a problem finding him.
I want allllllllll these stupid medical problems to stop. Gees, enough is enough.
Love you, Mom

Linda said...

Hi Heidi....this piece is just wonderful....I clicked on the picture for a close up and all the blocks are precious...my favorite is the Noah block. I'm looking forward to seeing the finish.

Stay strong....not feeling well does get you down...but things just have to get better...hugs, Linda

Anonymous said...

Yes.............lots of colours that is what I love! The sticheries are beautiful. Will you finish the quilt this year? Sorry to hear about the dust mite allergy but you can manage it with just one little pill a day! I am an expert with it (dust mite, cats etc.) Hugs

DonnaTN said...

Using the different colored strips is such a great idea. It looks great! I will keep my fingers crossed that your doctor will be able to help with the awful itching.

Tammy said...

I just LOVE your stitchery quilt so far Heidi!
Sorry about the allergies and still itching..yikes!
Feel better soon :-)

Ginny said...

What a great quilt! I can't wait to see it finished!

No UFO progress here, unless you count the wedding sampler that I'll be working on for many months to come.

Brigitta said...

Sweet, sweet Heidi, I really feel for you with the itching. My dd suffered from eczema very badly when she was a little girl and was itching constantly, she used to tell me it felt as if millions of little ants were crawling under her skin. For pain you can take something an itch is a pain you can't take anything for.
Your stitching work looks fantastic as always.

Sending you lots of hugs

mainely stitching said...

So, you know a little bit more and have some relief in sight? Gosh, Heidi ... you're such a trooper. I'll be so glad when you're back in reasonable health again.

Your latest project is just too adorable for words!!

angelasweby said...

It's been a long laborious journey through a medical maze trying to work out what it is that's making you feel so unwell but, it sounds as if the doctors are inching closer and closer to knowing what the problems are and, thankfully beginning to address them. You've kept remarkable cheerful throughout and used your wonderful stitching and creative talents to help you get through some really low spirited times.

If the little pieces you are so beautifully piecing together around the Noah's Ark piece are from your scrap bag then I'm not surprised you are very down hearted to think a dust mite allergy might force you to reduce your amazing and exciting stock of fabrics :>)
I can't waitb to see how Noah progresses. It's looking lovely so far.
Hugs Angela

Siobhán said...

Heidi, that is GORGEOUS. It's Lynette Jensen's design, right? In any case, it is gorgeous.

I am glad that you're getting some answers... I hope the new thyroid dosage helps and that you get some relief from these problems. Big hugs.

Saskia said...

Well, you can bring all your stash to me.... I have an attic what can be turned into a quiltshop. Can give you a key, or you can drink lots of tea with me while looking through your one stash. LOL.
No, serious, it's a good thing you have wooden floors. And there are special vacumcleaners with special filters, just for allergies.
And maybe 'biergistpillen' might help for the itching.
I still a few UFO's I would liked to have finished by the end of the year... that won't happen though. Schoolwork has to come first.
My list in order of emergency;
*going away present co-worker
*swap Dutch-US
*Old Dutch blue
*Centennial sampler
*Medallion quilt (TOP Finished)
pfffft, no more projects for me in between.

Susan in SC said...

I am so sorry to read of your continued medical woes. I am glad you are now able to breathe better! Your quilt is coming along so nicely. It is beautiful!!

onlymehere said...

I'm working on things that I can't show bz they're gifts! I just got something back from the lady who does machine embroidery for me and I couldn't be more happy with it! I truly think the gift recipient will love it as it's a surprise that she doesn't expect! You do such beautiful work. I hope that they soon can find you something to give you some relief from the itching. My granddaughter has to take cool baths with 1/2 cup of bleach in it to control the itching of her eczema (dermatologist recommended). They say she'll outgrow the eczema but she's only 16 months and doesn't like these cool baths at all. She used to love her warm ones so I think she thinks her mom is just being mean now to her. Breaks my heart.

Karen said...

Wow Heidi - you've been dealing with a few things - I hope they can find something to give your relief. Keep your spirits up :)

You are getting lots done and your Noah's project is adorable. Thanks for the sweet comment and I look forward to chatting more.

hugs - karen

Carolien said...

Some good news, bad news ... that's a lot to cope with! How I wish things would turn for the best and VERY soon ...
I love your Ark!

Please take care & hugs,

hazel c UK said...

Heidi, Your Noah Ark is coming along fine,I am sure you will meet your deadline. I have just done the dove as a Christmas Card for Church.

Sorry to read you are still having lots of health issues, I do wish I could wave a magic wand and make them all disappear you seem to have had so much to put up with this year and yet you still remain so cheerful.

Take care, Love Hazel (UK)

Joni said...

I adore your Noah and his menagerie and I'm glad you have been able to keep your mind off the itching! Heidi, maybe, just maybe, you might be allergic to Holland and you should come back to America to live... whatcha think?

Anonymous said...

Dit is zo'n leuk quilt, met al die 'kijk' plaatjes.
Mooi zo met deze stofjes er om heen.

Sterkte met de onderzoeken enje lichaam.
Vooral je handen heb je bi het handwerk zo nodig.
EN je ogen !!

Ik kijk niet naar ufo's maar doe lekker waar ik zin in heb vooral aan het eind van het jaar in die akelige donkere maanden.
(pssst én veel slapen :-))

marian'ne m

Brigitte said...

I so hope that the doctors could find something to get the itching problem under control. And it's so good to read that the asthma medication is working fine and that you can go on walks without having a problem breathing.
Dust mite allergy is definitely not what a quilter wishes for, lol. It's definitely one of the worst allergies because wherever you go or live there is dust. My son has it too.
Your Noah quilt looks great. I'm looking forward to seeing more UFOs that you take care of on your blog.