"Buttons and patches and the cold wind blowing,
The days pass quickly when I am sewing"
~Author Unknown

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

It's all Sonja's fault.....

...that I am sitting here tonight feverishly working on a new project. Yes, Annemarie and Harmien would be proud of my sudden case of startitis.

So what does this farmer's handkerchief shopping bag have to do with this blog entry you ask? Everything! On Monday, it was our lace afternoon which ended up being just Sonja and I. It is not very often that we are actually doing bobbinlace anymore as we stitch mostly. I arrived at Sonja's with a little gift for her and she had a gift for me on the table too. It was this shopper from my favorite TV show 'Boer Zoekt Vrouw' which is adapted from the British show 'Farmer Wants A Wife'.

The wrapping paper ended up being a gift she had not even expected. I loved it the minute I saw it and as normal my brains fired up with an idea right then and there. Look closely at the paper and you will see that it is cross stitched design.

So.....as I do.....I grabbed my needle and thread and some leftover cloth and look what happened. Isn't Sint just a cute little guy? There are four designs on the wrapping paper - Sint, Piet, schimmel (Sint's horse) and a gift. I have 3 more to stitch and then have an idea of what to do with them. But I will save that surprise for another day...

Surprise? That is exactly what I would love to do so here are the next two sets of coasters that you can win. Just leave a comment on this post and I will be drawing names in a couple of days once again. This is set 1...

...and this is set 2. Remember that if you do not have a blog, you must leave me an email address or email me as well as comment in order to be entered. I want to be sure I can contact the winners.

Good luck to you all!


hazel c UK said...

Hi Heidi, I love the shopping bag so bright and cheerful, the wrapping paper is so unusual and I am now wondering what you have next in store for us. Its lovely to give surprises isn't it.
Could my name pleased be entered into the coaster draw.

Warm hugs,
Hazel (UK)

Daffycat said...

LOL That is a great finish, imagine using wrapping paper as a pettern!

DonnaTN said...

I love the bandana bag and your cute little Sint. I can't wait to see what becomes of him. As always, please include me in the drawing for your beautiful coasters!

corry said...

Wat een leuk pieten papier! Ik ben benieuw wat je van je borduurseltjes gaat maken?

Carolien said...

Hi Heidi,

This Sint is a Sint you want to hug, don't you agree? He's adorable and I bet the other 3 will be huggable too ;)That bag from Sonja is fun! I hope you had a good time together.

And I must confess that I was 'withdrawing' myself from comments because of your nice giveaways which I admire very much ... They are all so beautiful, but I already have 5 lovely ones! (I just ironed one after a little wash up...) But I had to react on this cute Sint, so I bet I am on the list for these pretty ones now. Would be nice on our dining table in the sitting room, I can't deny it ;) But no, please let the other ladies enjoy your coasters!!! Just as I do mine.

I am indeed thinking of a bigger project (x-stitch) but didn't have the time to have a proper look what to do next. And the Christmas card can't be showed yet, it's for one of the club members and they make a poll. You will see it later!

Thanks for the tip of that paperpiece bit, it's too late now but next time I will try that. The teacher told us it could stay but I found it hard to work on. Couldn't make the stitches as little as I wanted in corners etc.
Sofia has taken a break on quilting. Busy Lizzy (school, guitar, volleyball and a Round Robin) will pick it up one day, I guess.

And now I am off to finish my (endless) ironing. Big hug!

martine said...

Wat een leuk idee om de Sint figuurtjes na te borduren.

Sonja said...

I told you many times I admire your creative spirit…wel, now you did it again: making something beautiful from 'kadopapier'. How creative can a person be? I wonder what it will turn out to be!

Nancy said...

Well, I was talking to you on skype while Sint was being turned into a cross stitch from wrapping paper. Oh Sonja, bet you never thought she would stitch your paper. LOL.
That shopping bag is great.
I like the first coasters best again.
I didn't get to see this entry until 5:30, I laid on the couch to read and fell asleep. Told you I was tired.
Love you, Mom

Sandy said...

Such cute coasters and so sweet of you to offer them to us "commenters". Count me in!!

Linda said...

Love the bright red shopping bag.
Your are so clever....Sint is delightful. I look forward to seeing what you are creating...hugs, Linda

Becky K in OK said...

Love these two sets. Count me in also. The shopping bag is fantastic.

Shari said...

such neat ideas!!! I love them all!!! I would love to once again be entered in your drawing! Happy Thanksgiving

Margaret said...

Now that is some smart somebody who designed this great wrapping paper. No wonder you had to do some HarmAns.

Have never seen the 'Boer Zoekt Vrouw' shopping bag before - how cheerful!!

Hope all goes well at the oral surgeon's on Monday and hoping to see you next week.

anneke said...

I saw this paper earlier, at chatelaine.web-log.nl; now I have to look in every store where they do have this paper!
Don't count me in for your giveaway; I was so happy to win last time, someone else deserve some now.

karenshopes said...

Hi, I have just found your blog and popped in to say hello. I'd love to be in your giveaway.

Brigitte said...

This bag is just funny.
And I'm very curious to see what you will be doing with the four little stitched squares.

omashee aka Barb said...

Heidi, I was so excited to see I have another chance to win a set of your coasters. Please enter my name in your drawing.
The shopping bag is beautiful! I'd proudly carry that one everywhere I shop.
How inspiring to find a stitching pattern in wrapping paper! Darling little finish, can't wait to see the others.

irma said...

Ik sta er elke keer versteld van hoe professioneel jouw blog eruit ziet. En wat een creatief dametje je bent. Jouw handen kunnen ook niet stil zitten. Wat heb jij ook veel mensen die jouw blog volgen. Liefs Irma

Tammy said...

Very clever Heidi and adorable too!

ebs said...

Count me in for the drawing of your coasters. I'd love you (as least your pretty coasters) to join my holiday table.

Marsha said...

That's a great shopping bag. Very cheerful. Your Sint is adorable. Would look great on a small tree as an ornament. I would love to be included in the coaster giveaway-again. I intend to win eventually!

onlymehere said...

Oh my! Your fingers are always flying! Have they been able to stop the itching yet? I think of you often and hope that all is going better for you. I love how creative you are and that you could immediately see this pattern and make it! Great work.

Anonymous said...

My set of coasters arrived today! They are wonderful! Your workmanship is fantastic! I'll enjoy the gift from your hands!!

Saskia said...

So the giftpaper in the store recently, thought it was so cute. Never thought of making it into cross stitch paterns though. You did... I'm working on all the christmas presents. this week I will show a little bit of the present for the christmasparty.
Now it's time to take rover to the woods in Baarn and go for our weekly cup of coffee at 'de generaal'.

Anonymous said...

Hi Heidi,leuk die Sint patroontjes,ben benieuwd wat je er mee gaat doen.Het patroon van de coasters hoef ik niet meer,ben er al achter hoe ze in elkaar zitten heb er eentje van jou omgekeerd,en toen zag ik het gelijk,weer een leuk kadootje.
Knuffel Joke.

me said...

Leuke tas :) en dat sint papier is echt leuk! nog leuker is natuurlijk dat je ze als patroontjes kan gebruiken