"Buttons and patches and the cold wind blowing,
The days pass quickly when I am sewing"
~Author Unknown

Thursday, December 10, 2009

(Ma)tilda's Christmas...

Last year, as the holiday approach all too fast as they seem to do each year once again, I put a little project aside. It was a little design I saw in the the book 'Tildas Julehus'. I love the cupcake designs she has. This was appliqued onto a piece of fabric. I decided it would look really cute done in wool felt instead. When I got to the words, I had to think of a way to transfer the words onto the wool felt. At this point, Christmas was on the doorstep and my little project got set aside to become a UFO.

I want to get some old projects done. I started them because I love them and need to get some finished before I start all too many more. So out came my little cupcake or pupcake as my little grand niece Zoe so sweetly calls them. I then realized the answer was quite simple. Just trace the words onto a piece of pattern tracing paper and pin it into place. Stitch the words, pull the paper away carefully and voila...

I also changed it from just a round cloth to a shape of the look of the yummy icing on the cupcake. I first added beads and then cut the wavy edge. Then added yet another piece of wool felt behind in a winter white using a hole-punch-thingie-bobber to add a bit of an accent. Hole-punch-thingie-bobber you ask? I still have no idea what it is officially called but you use it to punch holes in a leather belt. You know you have been married a long time when you ask you husband where he has put his hole-punch-thingie-bobber and he goes and gets it for you. *grins*

Doesn't this felt look like a chocolate cake? It was sent to me a couple of years ago by my friend Diane in Michigan. Thanks Diane because it was perfect for this project.

If you are not familiar with the books (I myself only have two of them) by Tone Finnanger, she is a Norwegian designer and her books are a real treat. They in themselves are books you will want to look through over and over. But don't stop there and create a Tilda treat for yourself.

The cupcake cloth has Merry Christmas in three languages and looks really nice laying in a dish for part of my holiday decorations.

While I was finishing this, I was thinking of my two nieces Kristy and Mandie who call me Aunt Matilda. It started as a joke when their mother told them that Aunt Heidi could not be mean if she tried. So Aunt Matilda was born. Funny that it never seemed to work and the girls just laughed at Aunt Matilda. Ah...memories... But what better name for this project than Matilda's Christmas cupcake?

I used the random generator and the winners of the coasters are:
AngelaS wins set 1
Caroline wins set 2

Congratulations to you both. I have yours ready to drop in the mail Angela. I hope you can email Caroline with your address so I can send your coasters to you.

Is anyone else walking around singing Suzy Snowflake? I love this cheerful song so if you don't have your speakers on, put them on to hear it.

Edit note: The cupcake cloth is NOT the giveaway prize. I have been giving away coasters for a number of weeks now each week on both of my blogs. The winners were to receive a set of coasters each. There is some confusion. I am sorry for this but the winners were drawn to place on this blog entry and as stated in the blog post the winners receive a set of coasters as shown in the previous post.


angelasweby said...

Oh my god, oh my god, I am so excited :>) Woohoo as Rula often shouts at the top of her voice - can you hear me shouting and jumping around. I absolutely adore this cupcake. Thank you Heidi and thank you Diane for the lovely felt and...oh and, thank you again :>)
My sister and I used to call all things with names you so easily forget, Thingermejigs - that brings back memories :>)
Oh, did i say thank you :>)
Hugs Angela

Elizabethd said...

I've got one of those hole puncher thingies too, very old and not very sharp now.

Caroline said...

That is just too brilliant, I really love those as well. Thank you very much, that has just made my day!

What is your e-mail address? I will mail you with my address.

Adore the cupcake thingy!

DonnaTN said...

Your cupcake cloth is too cute! I love the effect of the hole-punch-thingie-ma-bob!

Nancy said...

Oh that cupcake is so cute. Congratulations to the two coaster winners also. Your cupcake should look very cute on your table. It looks good enough to eat.
Love you, Mom
PS: Hope Angela is happy with the coasters, since she got mixed up.

hazel c UK said...

It must be the week for cupcakes for I have just finished a needlecase for my DGD with a cupcake on the front, yours is beautiful Heidi and so clever. The way you done the wording is a method I use for putting our members names at W.I. on to a tablecloth that I embroider a few years ago and am still adding to it with new members. I can imagine Angela face when she learnt she was a winner.

Hope you are feeling better.
Love Hazel (UK)

Kaaren said...

It's awesome, Heidi and so creative! Isn't it a great feeling to give life to projects that have been sitting around for a while. You've been very prolific in that area lately.

Now I'll be singing 'Susie Snowflake" all evening. We've had more than our share of snowflakes in the last 24 hours...12-14" worth!

Heleen said...

I just love it!! Love the cupcake and how the edge is shaped!

onlymehere said...

Heidi, this is soooo cute! I haven't used wool yet but I'm loving how it sews up. I laughed out loud when I read about the hole punch thingy mabobber! I've been married 27-1/2 years and this sounded so familiar! Have a great day.

Anonymous said...

Another finished object, good girl!
It is really lovely.
Have a nice weekend.

mainely stitching said...

Wonderful cupcake - gosh, you are so talented, Heidi!! :D As usual. I'm not signing in for the giveaway, but simply saying hello. And also pointing you toward your email, so you can read & respond to the mail I sent. ;) I hope you're feeling wonderful! :D

Tammy said...

Such talent Heidi, the cupcake is the cutest!
Hugs to you and I hope it isn't as cold there as it is here...brrr!

Christine said...

Your cupcake tablemat is adorable!

Siobhán said...

You are so creative--I love your cloth cupcake! Great job. :)

Carolien said...

Hi Heidi,

Your pupcake looks yummie! Really sweet.
Can you already eat them now or is it still too painful?

Have a nice weekend!
Hugs & groetjes, Carolien

irma said...

Wat een leuk idee om dingen te verloten. Vind je blog mooi. Wat leuk dat Sonja nu ook het quilt-virus te pakken heeft. Liefs Irma

anneke said...

the felt cupcake is great! I have some books of her too (old ones), but I always forget to look in them on time. There is so much great christmas stuff out there... *sigh*

Just lovely!

Anonymous said...

Heidi's cupcake creation is the cutest I've seen this Christmas season and as usual your needlework is exquisite! Rowena

paulette said...

Aren't you clever - using tracing paper for the lettering!! I must remember this tip because I often have this problem!! Well done!! I'm loving this little table topper!