"Buttons and patches and the cold wind blowing,
The days pass quickly when I am sewing"
~Author Unknown

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Sunshine and showers...

Life is full of sunshine and showers. First some sunshine...

Last night, everyone brought their first blocks of our theme quilt. I am going to take photos as the year progresses to share the various quilts. My block (above) ended up going in a different direction than I expected. I wanted to make a sepia quilt but when I started pulling out my fabrics, I can across a set of fabrics that Annemarie gave me. I decided this was a perfect project to use them in so my quilt is now pinks, beiges and browns. I choose to substitute a few of the flowers in the field for ribbons daisies. When I was a little girl, I always said daisies were my favorite flower. Nowadays, I do not have a single favorite flower as I love all old fashioned flowers.

The slideshow contains all the blocks that were brought last night. If you want to see them larger, just click on the slides.

And the showers you ask? We had a big sadness last night as one of the members had to tell everyone that her breast cancer has spread into her bones. She is receiving treatment to reduce the pain. We are all hoping it will help and that she will receive the gift of time. So if you are inclined so, please say a prayer for Joke that she has the gift of time. She is dear to me.


Nancy said...

I think all of the quilts came out beautifully. I so like all of these ladies and they do great work.
I will certainly be praying for Joke. I hope a miracle happens and prayer can work wonders.
Love you, Mom

Carolien said...

I will, Heidi. I already read it on her blog.

Love your blocks and to see all the different results.

Big hugs, Carolien

Kathy said...

Prayers are on their way. Prayers that she be pain free and go into remission.

As for the quilting. They are all gorgeous.

Sharlotte said...

I will certainly pray for her Heidi! I'm always so sad to hear of such news. My mom was diagnosed 2 years ago and we are so lucky to still have her.

I love the way the blocks are coming along!

onlymehere said...

Great job on these. I'm so sorry for your friend. I'll keep her in my prayers that her burdens may be lightened and she may have what she needs. God bless you for your friendship to her.

mainely stitching said...

I am really sorry to hear of Joke's plight. I wish her time as well as peace.

The quilting is gorgeous. You guys are so darned talented!!

Christine said...

Beautiful quilts!
So sorry to hear about your friend.

hazel c UK said...

Thinking and praying for your friend Joke and may she get well soon.
Your quilt blocks are lovely it would be hard to pick the one I like best.

Take care Heidi,
Hugs, Hazel (UK)

Saskia said...

Thanks Heidi, for your kind words. I too hope, that time will be on oure side.
I like all the different outcome of the first block. each block is special, the same way, all the girls are. I count them as my family.

Jackie's Stitches said...

All of your blocks are gorgeous! I really like the way the fabrics and the stitching really complement and showcase each other. Your friend will be in my thoughts.

Brigitte said...

I loved to see all the wonderful blocks that you and the ladies of your group created. Great work.

I will be thinking of your friend Joke.

Annemarie said...

Getver, I'm so sorry to read about your friend, Heidi. I will definitely keep her in my thoughts and hope for the best.

Woot! I'm so happy you found a use for the fabrics and what a gorgeous quilt it is! I fell in lovewith the colours when I saw the fabbies in the shop, but they look so much better now :o)

Siobhán said...

Please know that lots of prayers are being said for Joke. I know your heart must be heavy.

What beautiful quilts!


Marsha said...

So, so sorry to hear about Joke's cancer. I will pray for her.

The quilt blocks are really nice. It's nice to see everyone's colorway. The stitching is nice to see on the quilts.

Anonymous said...

All of the blocks are just beautiful and I so wish I was there and participating!!
Prayers for Joke, that she receives many gifts along this painful journey.
diane in MI

Jackie said...

I will say a prayer for Joke.

Dutchquiltster said...

Dank je Heidi voor je lieve woorden,jij en de meiden van onze quiltgroep betekenen heel veel voor mij.Het voelt zo goed datik dit verdriet met jullie kan delen,en al die lieve reacties,dank jullie wel.
Big Hug Joke

Anonymous said...

Heidi, The blocks are beautiful, I really admire the creativity.I will pray that Joke has peace and comfort during this time. Jan

Karen said...

Heidi - the quilts are coming along beautifully - so much fun to see everyone's spin on the same quilt. Love your colors - so soft and pretty. Hugs to your friend - I will keep her in my prayers.

Hugs - Karen

Muggensteekjes said...

Hoi Heidi,
hè wat een naar bericht voor je vriendin, hopelijk gaat het allemaal nog goed komen voor haar.Ik zal aan haar denken en een kaarsje branden.
De slide-show was prachtig, iedereen heeft goed z'n best gedaan hoor.
groetjes, Ingrid.

Sonja said...

This slideshow is beautiful!! It is amazing to see one quilt flowing over in the other. And I can honoustly not say witch one I like better than the other!
So sad to hear about Joke. But I do think she is having a good time quilting and knowing she is loved by you girls!

DonnaTN said...

All the ladies' quilt blocks are lovely. It is amazing how different each looks with the variety of colors. I like your pink choices. It will be my privilege to pray for your friend Joke.

Joni said...

Heidi, I adore the colors in your block. So soft and sweet to my eye. I love seeing all the different blocks and picturing the ladies as I look at their work. Seeing how each one is so different and yet the same. I'm so sorry to hear about Joke and she will definitely be in my prayers.