"Buttons and patches and the cold wind blowing,
The days pass quickly when I am sewing"
~Author Unknown

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Twisting along and giving gifts

Today, I should be showing you some pictures of our fun quilt evening. Each year, we have a laughter filled evening at our 'Christmas in July' party. I am having trouble getting the photos in the correct file so I promise that slideshow soon.

Last night however, Saskia and I were Peppermint Twisting together since she is in my quilt group. We have our first step of the SAL completed and decided on the second step. It remains so fun to see the big (Saskia's) and little (mine) version together.

Since I cannot show the party yet, I thought I would share one of the door prizes. This was the grand prize. Now I love taking the business books and bags that my husband used to get and transforming them. With the economy as it is, he no longer gets these items. They are really high quality books or bags but who wants to walk around with a business logo? Not me when I can transform it with patchwork!

I used the stitching from a Christmas card that Joke gave me last year and dressed it up with patchwork to create a Christmas in July look new front.

And this is who won the book...Saskia. I calligraphied her name on it after she won. The fun part of this is that Joke is her mother. She it is a little of both of us.


Nancy said...

It is so fitting that Saskia won that prize. I bet she was thrilled since it is also part of her Mom. I love the way it came out. Great idea.
It is fun seeing the two sizes of the designs. They are coming along great.
I know how much fun all of your ladies have when they come for quilt night. I have been there many times.
I will be waiting to see Saskia all dressed up.
Love you, Mom

Saskia said...

Who? Me? I was late at the party, but they told me a 'witte Piet' was there before me... I love my present. Not sure if I'm gona write in it. It's just as special to me because you and my Mom made it.

Nanny Ree said...

What a transformation ~ lucky Saskia!!!

Elizabethd said...

You are so clever at 're doing' things!

Amy said...

What a great idea. I would love to have this book.

I miss my friends in Ohio and the parties. I am hoping to meet some new friends and have parties again.

Have a wonderful day.

Susan in SC said...

Lucky Saskia who won this special gift! Did you glue this on to the front? Very nice job Heidi.

Jenny said...

Congratulations to Saskia for winning the book. What a clever idea Heidi. I also love watching the SAL that you two are doing. You both are doing a great job. I hope you are having a good day. Hugs from CA.

Linda said...

Loved seeing your SAL progress both pieces are so pretty...the same but yet different.

You are too clever Heidi...the journal re-do is so nice and perfect that Saskia was the lucky winner...hugs, Linda

DonnaTN said...

Peppermint Twist is moving right along! What a clever way to change the cover of the book. Lucky Saskia! How did you get the fabric to stick?

Margaret said...

Love the progress you and Saskia are making on your Peppermint Twists. Like you I'm a big 1/1 fan (but you knew that already).

What a lovely door prize and how fun that the prize Saskia won was actually from her mom as well as yourself.

I wish we could get together to stitch too. Maybe a SAL some time will let us make believe.

When is the big move planned?

liefs en groetjes van Margaret

Ginny said...

The ideas you come up with are so clever!

Christine said...

Both peppermint twists look fabulous. I love the way you decorated the notebook, and how cool that Saskia won it

AnitaA said...

Je gaat goed met je kerstborduurtje ook het cadeautje voor Saskia ziet er leuk uit, ook weer zo creatief !
Groetjes Anita.

Siobhán said...

Congratulations to Saskia! I love your progress on PT--looks great!

Kathy A. said...

Oh what a wonderful gift and how opportune that Saskia won it!
Lov eyour little SAL - it is looking so beautiful!

Anonymous said...

You transformed the book wonderfully!

Barb said...

Great idea for the book Heidi, you do calligraphy too is there no end to your talents.
No happy dancing with you this week I am still nursing my poor toes after you treading on them lol.
Looking forward to seeing pics next time perhaps. Love the Peppermint twists , congratulations to Saskia on her win.
Hugs as always

Jeanne said...

Both of you & Saskia's PT samplers are looking good and you're making great progress. Love the decorated notebook you did and a good recycling project! Did you see that today is the 50th anniversary of "The Twist" by Chubby Checker? So you are right on target with your twisting LOL.

angelasweby said...

Heidi :>)
Everytime I see your lovely teapot header I smile, it is so inviting and cosy.

What a clever transformation you've achieved for this book. What a treat to get this as a prize. It's also a great way of recycling both the book and the stitched card.
Angela xx