"Buttons and patches and the cold wind blowing,
The days pass quickly when I am sewing"
~Author Unknown

Friday, July 3, 2009

Christmas in July

Since 1999, I have been having Christmas in July celebrations with my quilt group. The current group started in the autumn of 2001 as a second group and this group is still together. I enjoy having these 12 ladies here each month and coming up with fun ideas for us to work on. Often they are things I design myself but sometimes I come across something and just know it will be great for us to do. This patchwork charm wreath is one of those things. I saw it on Bep's blog. She has a quilt shop in the east of Holland.

This is my version of the wreath using two charm packs from Moda. They are from the Mistletoe Manor collection. I added little pinecone Christmas ornaments. This was fun to make and I am going to do one now for autumn.

What better to try and forget our summer heat this year but making a Christmas project while enjoying a Christmas picnic and seeing a little Christmas tree. I still have the tree up in my living room hoping it will cool me off. *grins*

Please note this special little slideshow for a special friend! Saskia organized the 6 volunteers for our Christmas picnic and did a mini version of our annual Christmas party. I do quizzes for them each year at our party where they can win prizes. She make us all a mini Christmas cracker and then had 2 play a 'name a quilt block' game which had a different color prize in their cracker. She then cleaned up my entire living room and even put my furniture back in place while I was not looking. She is a gem! Thank you so much Saskia!

At our High Tea, she asked me why there were no photos of her. Well, she took my camera and shot many of the photos of the group. I teased her that she cannot take the photos and be in them at the same time so this slideshow is for you Saskia...


Pondside said...

I do like that wreath, Heidi. How many little pillows does it take to make one and how many layers to you tie on? I went to Bep's blog but couldn't find a wreath, and wouldn't have understood the instructions if I had! :)
I think a Christmas picnic in July is a great idea.

Tammy said...

What a wonderful idea for a picnic, the wreaths are really different and VERY nice. Looks like everyone had a great time!

Elizabethd said...

What a lovely idea, and what fun you all had making the wreaths. Your slide show was so clever!

Kaaren said...

I love Tuesday evenings when our stitching group meets. The same 6 gals have been meeting for 3 years and we have a great time. We have a pot luck dinner to celebrate each of our birthdays and one at Christmas.

The gals in your group look like they're having a wonderful time. Saskia sure looks like a lot of fun. Youc an just see it in her smile.

What a wonderful way to celebrate Christmas in July!

Linda said...

How fun to celebrate Christmas in July. Loved the slideshow...yummy foods, eveyone having fun making their wreaths and I loved your wreath it is so pretty...I hopped over to Bep's blog and looked all over for the wreath (I didn't see it)...could you share the size of each piece and how many do you use? hugs, Linda

Nancy said...

first, that slide show of Saskia is just too cute. I love the other one too, since I know all the ladies, it is fun for me to see all of them. The wreath is really cute and I know they will all make them look very different. The food looked yummy. Glad you had fun.
Love you, Mom

Nancy said...

Heidi, I read the comments, I think you need a lesson on wreath making.
Love Mom

Suzann said...

Happy 4th of July !!!

mainely stitching said...

What a beautiful wreath! Hope you're feeling well and that this heat & humidity are not bothering you!

Sonja said...

Amazing how you always know how to create such lovely items for your lessons!!

Brigitta said...

What a beautiful day you all must have had!! I think I'm gonna give that wreath a try too, although I haven no idea how you layer them, oh well, I'll just try something.
Have a lovely sunday.

((x)) Brigitta

ps I can handle the heat, as long as I just sit down to read my Jane Austen (I've started Persuasion with an online Jane Ausen group)or do some cross-stitching.

Saskia said...

Oke? NOW i'm blushing!!
Me and my big mouth sometimes..
I sure did had fun last wednesday.
Still looking for the perfect spot to put my wreath.
And yesterday it was gardening day big time.
The front garden starting more to look like me. Big & Colorfull (plants)
Hugs from em and Rover (who took a swimm yesterday in the ditch)

Tracy said...

Very fun, Heidi...and love your wreath! I can't possibly consider Christmas until October/November--LOL! Hope you are doing well... Happy Day ((HUGS))