"Buttons and patches and the cold wind blowing,
The days pass quickly when I am sewing"
~Author Unknown

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

It is better to give...

I love giving gifts. I love really thinking about the person I am going to make something for so it becomes personal. As I get to know people, making gifts for someone becomes great fun.

This week has been packed in the first two days. It has been filled with friends yielding their needles. I spent Monday afternoon with my two lacemaking friends. Jannie has inspired me to try a project that I hope to start with her advice in the autumn so you will see more about that later.

Sonja had a birthday back in May. We did not see her then as she was away. I had given her part of her gift a couple of weeks ago when I saw her up at Cranberry Cottage. She remarked once about how fun she thought florkjes were when we were out so I got her some.

Her other part of the birthday gift I gave her on Monday. I found this sweet little rack in a garden center and immediately thought of her. She loves stitching little hearts. I made her two fabric Tilda hearts and the other two hooks she could fill with her own creations. She has it hanging and it looks so pretty to see her stitched hearts on it. You can see them on her blog.

Then yesterday, I was off to visit Dutch blogger Annemarie who was hosting the Sip 'N Stitch this time. We wanted to especially go to her house in July which you will see why in just a moment but after changing my mind three times about her gift, I decided on a new Moda Bake Shop pattern and a little book for her son Pelle.

This honeybun giant pincushion is a recent addition to Moda Bake Shop and was fun to sew together. I decided to jazz it up a little with some beads and buttons though.

One of the fun things about this pincushion is that it can be used on both sides which gives you the idea of having two pincushions. One side had the brighter of the pinks prominent which looked spring/summer...

...while the other side was a dusty pink making it look more autumn/winter.

Now why did Annemarie HAVE to host the July Sip 'N Stitch you ask? Why this sweet little guy of course! Pantoef is her new little kitten and we all were looking forward to see him as the newest member of our little group.

Pantoef found his friend for the day in Harmien and decided to settle down for a nice long nap. If only she would sit still instead of stitching all afternoon...meow...

I am off to rest for today with my needle in hand. After two days of fun with other stitchers, I am happy to have a quiet day at home.


mainely stitching said...

Oh, I bet it was so much fun yesterday! I wish I could've made it. Sigh...

Love the goodies you've been giving. You're such a wonderful friend! :D

Good luck getting your quilt rooom organized, but first - get some rest!

Take care!

Kaaren said...

What lovely gifts, Heidi...especially the pincushion which I love to make and collect.

I too love meeting with my stitching friends on Tuesday evenings. The same six gals have been meeting for 3 years now and we have become great friends. It seems like you have the same connection with your friends.

I hope you enjoy your 'quiet' day and get lots accomplished.

angelasweby said...

Heidi, what a wonderfully interesting few days you've had. You 've earned a day resting and stitching. I adore that little bake shop pincushion. Before I read your account of it i thought it was a little pincushion umbrella..haha! What a great idea to be reversible in keeping with the changing seasons.
Panteof is a real star isn't he!! Does his name mean slipper? Pantouffla means slipper in Greek and a similar word means the same in Italian. He really is soft enough to be a slippper as harmien will have discovered.
Mentioning the names of your lovely stitching group brought a rush of memories. I can imagine the project Jannie is going to do with you in the Autumn will be very special.
Sonja's gifts were really inspired. It's a real treat choosing something for close friends. I must say though, I have fallen deeply in love with the little pink hanger with it's romantic French calligraphy. What a wonderful find. Wish our garden centres held such treasures.
Warm hugs Angela

Karen said...

What a sweet pincushion and other lovely gifts for your dear friends. You are a dear and sweet friend to everyone. That kitty looked pretty comfy :).

Hugs - karen

Nancy said...

Both gifts are very cute. I know Sonja loves her hearts, I saw them on her blog.
What a great pincushion that is. I bet she will love using it. You are just so creative. Can you tell I kind of love you a little bit. lol.
Have a restful day now.
Hugs and kisses, Mom

Susan in SC said...

I like the pincushion and plan on making one for myself!

Tammy said...

What a cute and clever pincushion and thoughtful gifts too Heidi.
Stitching friends are the best and such a blessing.
Rest well and hugs2u!

staci said...

Wonderful gifts...that pincushion is awesome! Sounds (and looks) like you had a wonderful stitching time, although I think maybe Pantoef enjoyed it most???

DonnaTN said...

I love the 2 sided pincushion. What a fun way to make it more versatile!

Margaret said...

Your giant pincushion is so lovely IRL too Heidi. Lots of wonderful gifts have been coming from your creative hands.

Yes it certainly was a fun day yesterday and so good to see you again. I'll be checking through my Christmas patterns for a HarmAn start.

Hope you got loads of rest today.

hugs, Margaret

Lynne said...

What lovely gifts, and how thoughtful you are Heidi.
I wish I had some stitching friends close by I could stitch and natter with.
I think Panteof could get used to the stitching days.
Hope you had a relaxing day with lots of happy stitching.

Annemarie said...

Oh, what a lovely post, Heidi! Abnd thank you for the kind words. I've been fondling my pincushion all through the day :o) Pantoef, too. I think he's forgiven me for the hectic couple of days, because he hasn't left my side/lap all day.
Pelle and I read the book yesterday before he went to sleep, and he fell asleep clutching it in his hands. You know how he loves animals!!

What a lovely gift those Tilda hearts make. Yum. Can't wait to get some sewing tips from you.

I hope you had a lovely, quiet, restful day ~^..^~

anneke said...

Gatherings are great, quiet days too... Love all the gifts we get to see; you're busy making them all. I bet the receivers consider themselves lucky!

Brigitta said...

What a lovely post Heidi, and what a sweet friend you are.


Joni said...

You do make the loveliest things for your friends! (I speak from experience.) That pincushion is too cute and I love the reversible thing you have going on there. You are just too darn creative, Heidi. I love the blocks you and Saskia finished for your centennial quilt. Lovely work and colors. Please take care of yourself (and Jos and Dagi, of course).

Sonja said...

I do love the gifts you gave and made me! So thougthful gifts as they were so specially choosen. Heel lief zoals jij deze kadootjes hebt gekozen, zo persoonlijk. Ik ben er echt heel blij mee!

Berglind said...

I love the pincushion! And lovely gifts, you must have had a nice time :)