"Buttons and patches and the cold wind blowing,
The days pass quickly when I am sewing"
~Author Unknown

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Lost my limp in the excitement!

My limp...remember the last blog entry? More about that later but what about that excitement? Well, there is lots of that going around...

Look who came to my house today! *wink*

I finally had a birthday. Remember I mentioned that my mother canceled it (it was really in February) until I got the present she sent to me? Well, it can no longer be avoided...I turned *6* now. *grins*

And look at the wonderful gift she and my step father gave me!

I am really excited to start on this design but am going to try and get some other things done first. How long will I last? I wonder if some of my blogging friends will be taking bets?

I did frame my last finish. I cannot wait for Jos to get home tonight. After dinner, I want him to help me hang With My Needle.

The frame is from a brocante shop in the north of Holland. I just thought it was so perfect for this sampler but was not the right size. So again I ducked into my stash cupboard and used a piece of reproduction fabric and a little piece of vintage lace.

I am so pleased with how it turned out as it has only added to the old sampler look. Thank you all for your sweet comment about my 'mistake' with my Abigail sampler. I too feel like she must have been marking her initial.

More excitement was had this past Sunday as I went to the hobby market with three other ladies. There were many wonderful stands from shops and webshops there. I am afraid I did not take a single photo as I was too busy buying some goodies...

Funnily enough, Saskia and I both were on the same wave length as she showed up at my house with goody bags for us while I had made fobs for the ladies. I laughed and said it was Christmas.

She gave us chocolate for a sugar burst of energy, a pen and notepad to write out all our ideas and some roses bath cream for our tired bodies after all that shopping.

And, just when I think I cannot stand any more excitement, I started a new quilt project today. I joined an online group belonging to author and designer Kathleen Tracy. She has set a challenge to make a doll's quilt no larger than 30 inches using the double pinwheel block in 4 inches. I am using pinks and browns and want to incorporate a pretty strip of fabric I had saved for 'one day'. I love making doll's quilts and have a stack of them on my shelves in the laundry room. I am happily taking on the challenge for another!

Tomorrow will be the excitement of seeing all the completed second blocks from Leanne's house as my quilt group will be here for our monthly evening. My own Heidi's House is coming along nicely and I have some fun ideas planned for the third block.


martine said...

Leuk, je hebt ook bij de knopendoos geshopt.
Mooie aankopen.
En je borduurwerk in de mooie lijst is prachtig geworden.
Iets om te onthouden als ik nog eens een oud lijstje tegenkom.

Anonymous said...

Happy "6th" birthday;-);-) I give you a week...bets are on, LOL

A doll quilt should be described as adorable, but the fabrics you are using are simply beautiful. Love the combo of pink and "chocolate"

Enjoy stitching and quilting,


Saskia said...

Bet?, bet? , who's taking a bet.
Me. NO not me!! but well, I guess you wait 5 day's and than you have to do one stitch....LOL
See you tomorrow 6 years old girl.

Barb said...

Oh happy 6th birthday Heidi ,I can add a 2 to that but not saying which way lol.Oh your finish is gorgeous. Now you are making me want another design (is your mother in on this too lol). I do not give you long at all hmmmm maybe you have already started lol.
Lovely goodies got at market.
I love those colours and you are just so clever with this quilting one thing I do not do.
Take care and thanks for commenting on my blog too.

Elizabethd said...

What a pretty block that is, and the colours are just perfect. I look forward to seeing it when finished!

Christine said...

Happy belated Birthday.I don't think you'll be able to wait more than a week or two before starting your new sampler!
With my Needle looks lovely framed, the strip of fabric really adds to ther antique look

mainely stitching said...

Oh my gosh, I'm so excited for you, Heidi! :D Woohoo!!!! :D Cannot wait to see you begin this GH design, and I want to see where you hang Beth's design, too!

Jantine said...

Wateeen mooi borduurwerkje, zo ingelijst helemaal prachtig. Leuk bedacht met dat lintje en stofje.
enne.. je poppenquiltblokjes, ik moet eens gaan kijken, dat ziet er prachtig uit.
En gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag ;-)

Linda said...

Heidi, With My Needle looks so pretty framed and I really like the way you are using a bit of fabric and lace with it...pretty, pretty.
I'm thinking as soon as Jos hangs it tonight you'll be starting on your birthday stitch...I love it and the gorgeous floss...hugs, Linda

Sonja said...

Dat heb je snel gedaan! En al ingelijst ook! Het stofje past perfect bij het borduurwerk (en volgens mij herken ik dat stofje?)
Wat een mooi patroon heb je van je moeder gekregen. Past echt bij jou. Al begonnnen?
En je nieuwe quiltje wordt ook schattig! Mooie kleurencombi! Je kunt echt toveren met kleuren en naald en draad!

Kaaren said...

Happy belated birthday, Heidi. I absolutely L-O-V-E the gift that your Mom and step Father sent to you.

In the antebellum days when the itinerant artists were hired to paint both family portraits and portraits of the mansions they lived in, the artists used to intentionally paint a "mistake" in the painting that only they were aware of. That was their personal "signature". Many fraudulent artists would copy the original works of art and claim them as their own originals and try to sell them but little did they know that they were also copying the original artist's "mistake" when they copied the paintings.

You can claim the "period" after the letter "A" as your "signature" so that if someone tries to copy your stitchery then you too will know that it is a copy of your work.

It is beautiful and will fit in well on your sampler wall, I'm sure. And I can't wait to see your doll quilt. The colors are awesome.

DebbieSFL said...

Happy Birthday!!!....love the tape measure ribbon!!! And the doll quilt fabrics/blocks are just lovely--look like chocolates and strawberries.

Jackie's Stitches said...

I just love how you add the bits of fabric to your finished stitching projects. You have a vision of the finished projects that really work. I also love your pink and brown blocks. Your points are PerFecT!

DonnaTN said...

I've been short on time lately so I just read your last 3 posts. Your sampler finish is beautiful! I love the way you add fabric to the edge so it fits the frame. Your birthday gift from your Mom & Step-dad is super. I can't wait to see the progress on your tiny quilt - love the colors!

Jo said...

Great stash Heidi, I really love your birthday present (Happy 6th Birthday by the way :) ). Your hobby market sounded wonderful, I love that kind of event! And what a thoughtful goody bag

Carolien said...

Hi Heidi,

Oh how nice to have Elmo (my favourite of Sesame Street) as a guest in your house and he did bring such an adorable present with him! BEAUTIFUL!
I am glad you had fun in Zwolle. I also read about it at Saskia's blog.
Those little pinwheels are gorgeous, have fun with them and I bet you will have fun today with the quilting group ...

Take care, hugs, I wish we could make some stitches together but I have to study (starting today, aaarrrgh!) first before I can do some nice things again. I hope my brains will work like madness alias very quickly, but I don't know for sure :(

Hugs and groetjes, ook aan Jos,

Carolien said...

P.S. I forgot to say that your stitches turned out perfectly like this! The frame is so nice too.

Bye, Carolien

Hazel said...

Well happy birthday!! You gift from your mum and step dad is such a thoughtful one! It is lovely and no wonder you can't wait to get a startt on it. Your framed piece looks great as does your new quilt. Fab shopping day too. xx

Dutchquiltster said...

Zondag waren we geen van alle ouder dan 6,ok ik ben bijna 9 maar dat mag de pret niet drukken het was knots gezellig.Wedden doe ik maar niet,want als het bij jou begint te kriebelen!!!!!Heb je wel je 2e blok af????hoop het vanavond te zien.
Hugs Joke.

Jenny said...

Happy belated birthday Heidi! 6 is a great age to be. It is my personnal favorite. ;) The way you framed your sampler is perfect and the bit of fabric and lace adds just the right touch! I love the present your mom sent. The design and colors are sooo inviting I think you will only be able to wait a week at the most to start your stitching. :) A week can be so LONG to wait but the beautiful doll quilt you have started looks like it will be alot of fun . I too love to make doll quilts and am happily quilting 2 of mine. Have a happy day stitching.

Hugs from California!

Kathy said...

Oh go ahead and start. I know you want to. Actually I have that pattern too and really want to get going on it. Along with a million other ones. LOL

Love the colors in the doll quilt. Love the framing of With my Needle. Beautiful. Just beautiful.

I can't wait to see your progress on your Birthday gift.

Anonymous said...

het is voor mij een crime om te typen en reactie te geven op je blog. Maar met Saskia als hulpje is het me toch gelukt.
Ik ga het voortaan elke maandag oefenen, dus wacht op me aankomende maandag.
Knuffels van Bep

Pondside said...

I think it's nice to spread the birthday business out a little bit - prolong the enjoyment!

Muggensteekjes said...

Hoi Heidi,
happy birthday, you are a big girl now (6 years old hihi), en wat een geweldige kadootjes heb je gekregen, ben benieuwd wanneer je hier aan gaat beginnen. Succes hoor.
groetjes, Ingrid.

Joni said...

What lovely goodies you've gotten and given! The pink and brown quilt is adorable. My favorite dress when I was in high school was pink and brown. Ahhhh, those were the good old days!

Teri said...

Now that it's been declared "official," happy birthday! I love the frame and the addition of the fabric and lace for your latest finish. My guess is that you are already off to a great start on the next!

Nancy said...

Well, finally. I thought that package was lost forever. I was so mad. So much for first class mail. I am happy you like it. I knew you would like Elmo, no doubt there. LOL. Now you are really 6. As Zoe once told you, "I already been 5 Miss Heidi." Remember that?
I'm glad you enjoyed your day out with the ladies and found some treasures too.
Love you, Mom