"Buttons and patches and the cold wind blowing,
The days pass quickly when I am sewing"
~Author Unknown

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Busy as an elf!

Yep...that's me! I have been busy stitching on my Santa button sampler which I will share in another post again. I thought I would show you some other things I have been busy with. Now one major project cannot be shown yet as it is a gift made very personal for my Secret Sister in my quilt group who reads my blog. It has to remain a surprise just a little longer. Wednesday evening is the annual Christmas party and my house will once again be full of love and laughter. I can't wait!

I made my sister-in-law Becky a scissor fob and my mother a winter key chain.

Last week, a friend came over to spend an afternoon making a new bobbin lace ornament. It has been a hobby that I have neglected lately but since I have a new lace ornament Christmas tree which is larger than I used to use, I need to make some more ornaments. I got out a lace pillow, linen thread and my bobbins. I pinned my prikking to the pillow....and then....I froze and could not remember anything. We started and everything came back to me even a special stitch used to turn corners. My friend laughed because I said I was blank and then explained to her how to make the stitch. Guess it was not gone from my memory after all!

The new Christmas bell looks pretty hanging from the tree. We are making another one when we get together next week once again. I promise to share photos of the entire tree then.

Remember that this was my year to finish as many UFOs as I could? I have not been able to give any stitching or quilting much thought during the autumn as we were moving but now that things are settling down again, I really wanted to finish just one more quilt UFO. This holiday stitchery quilt is free BOM from Gail Pan.

I loved it the moment I saw the first word. Words are powerful and poetic. What more so than words that evoke a warm holiday feeling inside.

Immediately, I knew what fabrics I would use for this little quilt. These homespun fabrics came from the shop of a friend from Friesland that died on Christmas eve a couple of years ago. It brings something special to this quilt.

And now before I could blink an elfen eye, there are two rows put together. One more row to go and it should be ready in time for this Christmas eve.

I cannot tell you how much I feel like a piece of my soul has returned after not being able to concentrate on my needlework for week's on end. I am so very thankful that I can spend time nurturing that place in myself where I find peace and happiness...in the eye of a needle.

I hope you are enjoying peace and happiness on this December Sunday evening!


Jackie's Stitches said...

I think sometimes our hands have a memory that our minds do not! I'm glad your hands figured out how to make the beautiful lace ornament!

Teresa S. said...

I love your embroidered quilt squares! Is there a link to Gail's pattern?

Anneke said...

I know what you mean by getting back a piece of your soul. It was necessary to put it aside for a while, but it must be lovely to pick it up.

Love the gailpanquilt already. Especially the fabrics! I wish I could find those pretty fabrics. Have fun finishing it.

Hazel said...

Lovely post Heidi! Love the bobbin bell and the quilting. Looks fab. x

Saskia said...

Good to have you back with a needle and thread in your hands.. work hard on that Secret Sister gift, I'm sure I love it... because i'm your secret sister right??..LOL

Barbara J said...

I know exactly what you mean.

Some years ago I partook in a Sisterhood Stitching. The cross stitch piece by Waxing Moon Designs which says "My Needle and My Floss, They Comfort Me". It now hangs above my stitching table.

You can complete the Christmas Wishes stitchery, only 3 more blocks! Go Heidi!

Deborah said...

Your ornament is lovely!

Christine said...

Such beautiful work! I haven't had my lacemaking out for years, I fear I really will have forgotten how to do it :(

Barb said...

Ding Dong!I love your little lace bell,is there no end to your talents girl. You are just so imaginitive and I think the quilt squares look so effective well done you.
I have taken up a pair of socks to knit for Dh ,but I think it will not be long until the needle and thread call me.
Take care my friend and i am looking forward to seeing the lace tree.
Have fun when your friends visit ,I am sure I need not have to say that though.

Nancy said...

Okay, now you are really back. Your new ornament is very cute and love, love, love the quilt. Since the friend who died also visited me when she came to Ohio a few years ago, and I have been to her shop, I miss her also. She was such a nice person. Good for you to remember her this way. I have a quilt she made me too.
Happy stitching Miss Pickles the Elf.
Love you, Mom
PS: thanks for the key chain too.

Elly said...

Je klokje van kant is erg mooi geworden en je quilt wordt fantastisch. Fijn dat je de stof van je overleden vriendin zo mooi hierin kunt gebruiken. Het is echt een ode aan haar dus ik hoop dat het je lukt de quilt op tijd klaar te hebben.
Groetjes en hugs

Christmas-etc... said...

How very lovely! I love needlework but just don't have the eyesight (or talent!) to do much! So glad to have found you!
Blessings for a wonderful week and particular party on Wednesday evening!
PS Be sure to enter my GIVEAWAY.

Jantine said...

Happy to see you have time to be back giving yourself some precious time. I know how it feels to be derived from it...
I made bobbin lace when I was smaller, never got very far with it, but just recently my mother told me she has still the cushion and I can have it!

Elizabethd said...

Heidi, your fabrics are jsut so lovely.And so good to remember your friend too.

hazel c UK said...

Lovely to see your work again Heidi your bell is so pretty and I look forward to seeing your tree. Have fun on Wednesday.

Hazel C (UK)
my new signature.

Ginny said...

Love all your projects! The fobs are great, and the bobbin lace is gorgeous. is it difficult to do? I also love that quilt - I might download the designs and see if I can adapt them for machine embroidery. Glad you're finding some "you" time.

Roberta said...

The quilt is lovely and just love the lace heart.

Glad to see you are able to sit and enjoy your needlwork now that the move is done.

Enjoy the Season.

Susan in SC said...

Love the scissor fobs! Hope you have a wonderful party tonight. Beautiful handiwork Heidi!

Tiff said...

I'm so glad you found my blog because now I can enjoy yours!!! I LOVE your bell ornament. Where did you learn to make lace? How long did the bell take to make? What a beautiful art to know how to do.

I also looked at your home blog and your home is lovely.


Daniƫlle said...

Love the music!! Love the ornament! Happy sewing, hugs, Daniƫlle

angelasweby said...

Gosh Heidi, you've been busy multi tasking once again :>) I love the beautiful little lace ornament you've made for your tree. I wonder if you keep a needlework diary and write down which year you made which ornament.

I love the little key fob you made for Nancy. the little skate charm is adorable. I've recently become very fond of old skates. I'm going to stitch some little skate charts.`Something about old skates makes me smile inside :>)

The BOM quilt squares are really lovely. Such pretty fabrics.
Angela xx