"Buttons and patches and the cold wind blowing,
The days pass quickly when I am sewing"
~Author Unknown

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Needlework 12 Days of Christmas - 8th day...

On the 8th day of Christmas...

...mystery novels with a needlework theme. They are another fun passion of mine. In 2010, my online friend Joanne mentioned that Terri Thayer's quilt mysteries where a favorite of hers. I ordered the books but never made time last year to start on them. So this year, I am resolved to read these.

I really enjoy reading books with stitching, quilting and knitting themes in them. My love affair started with these kind of cozy mysteries back in the 90s when Monica Ferris wrote Crewel World. I was even able to get my mother hooked on them. *grins* We love Monica Ferris (needlework), Maggie Sefton (knitting) and Laura Childs (tea house and scrapbooking) for their handwork cozy mysteries. We also love reading Joanne Fluke (cookie) and Joanna Carl (chocolate).

Another favorite of mine is the Cottage Tales of Beatrix Potter by Susan Wittig Albert and I would love to make time this year to reread them again starting from the first book. Yes...they are that good!

Any cozy mystery fans in blogland that balance reading them between stitches?


Barb said...

But OF course Heidi,I have all the Beatrix Potter Mysteries and have been trying to get the Monica Ferris ones for my new kindle ,but not available.
I do like my books though,I have recently enjoyed a weekend with Mr Darcy by Victoria Connelly.
Enjoy the books and a Happy New Year.
Hugs in stitching and reading.Barb

DebbieSFL said...

Heidi, I love the Jane Austen mystery series written by Stephanie Barron. They are written in Jane's time and she solves the mysteries. I think they are well written and are good books. Love what we have seen of your new home, and glad you are enjoying kicking Mr. Murphy out the door!! Blessed New Year to you, Jos and Dogi.

Jenny said...

Books and needlework are two of my favorite pastimes. I always have a needlework project that I am working on ( usually more than one...grins...) and I always have a book that I am reading. I love the Beatrix Potter series, Earlene Fowler, Robin Paige, Aunt Dimity and Joanne Fluke to name a few of my favorite authors. Right now I am rereading Jennifer Chiaverini's Elm Creek Quilts novels and eagerly awaiting her new book in Feb. Of course Jane Austin will always be a much loved favorite.

Rhonda said...

Hello Heidi
Jeff and I both got Kindles for Christmas. We like them so that Nina bought one for herself too with some gift money.
I will look into your favorite authors. I just read a WWII book by Sarah Sundin, and the latest books by Fannie Flagg and Jan Karon.

have you ever tried audio books so your hands would still be free to stitch :)

Susan in SC said...

Reading! Ah, I remember reading for pleasure before the boys came along. Now I read 10 year old boy novels! LOL! I wouldn't have it any other way!

Ginny said...

Of the two libraries closest to me, only one of the Thayer books is available. I can get others sent to our local library, but each will cost me 50 cents. (You can see the lack of commitment the county and state has to funding libraries.) Amazon has cheap used copies, but I'm wondering, are these books "clean"? I try to be particular about what I read. I'll look up some of the other authors you mentioned, too.

angelasweby said...

I really enjoyed reading your post about New year reading plans. Over the years you have introduced me to so many lovely things both in the reading and the stitching line. I have all but the most recent Beatrix Potter mystery book as my series is all in paperback and I love to see them all shoulder to shoulder on the shelf. I have enjoyed them so much.
I still love to visit both your old blogs which have always given me so much enjoyment. Your choices of poetry, prose and art have always mirrored my own loves and there is always something that brings back a fond memory :>)

A while ago, I read and really enjoyed some of the Monica Ferris books too but can't easily get them nor can I get any of the Jennifer Chiaverini Elm Tree Quilters stories. I've only read three but loved them very much. I wish they were available in England.

I've enjoyed reading all the other comments to see what everyone else is reading and was particularly interested in the Jane Austen mysteries which I am going to look into :>) I love her works and everything associated with them and this period. I have a large and very old collection of Georgette Heyer books which I inherited from a friend who passed away. I read all these as a young girl and am thoroughly enjoying rereading them all. Sadly, I am down to the last two or three! They are such light hearted and fun Regency romances usually with very headstrong vivacious heroines and often proud arrogant heroes...sound familiar...haha!
Enjoy the New year which promises to bring such wonderful new experiences.
Angela xx

Nancy said...

Okay, are you sending me these three when you are finished. I didn't see them when I was there.
I am not really into what I am reading right now. I have two started. They have to grab me right away. Oh well, I need my favorite authors to get some paperbacks out soon.
Love you, Mom

Brigitte said...

Oh yea, I do love mysteries with a needlework theme. My favourite still is Monica Ferris' crewel World series. And I have also read some knitting mysteries, and the tea shop cozies. Thanks for mentioning this new-to-me series. I think I'll order the first one to see how I like it.

DonnaTN said...

Your favs are some of mine too. I'm not familiar with the Beatrix Potter mysteries and will have to look into those. I went through all the Georgette Heyer books the library had many years ago. They were such fun!

Jantine said...

Oh yes I do! I do not know this writer, but I love Earlene Fowler, especially the Benni Harper mysteries (about 16 books already) and Jennifer Chiaverini (about 12 books?).
So there is enough to read if you finishes those of you!

Linda said...

Oh, this is a new author to me...looks like one I would enjoy too.

I love Childs, Ferris Sefton and Fluke too..don't you just love the idea of cozy mysteries...hugs, Linda

Margaret said...

Oh my goodness yes - cozies are such fun. Have you read the Denise Swanson books? They are great.