"Buttons and patches and the cold wind blowing,
The days pass quickly when I am sewing"
~Author Unknown

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Happy giving dance!

Yep! That's me dancing around the living room. And here my mother just said 'Hey, you did that fast.' My answer? 'Yeah, it only took about 7 years!' But I am seriously happy to say my pillow is really finished. I am doing the happy giving dance so stay tuned to hear about that...

I sewed piping for around the pillow's edge. I like the simple look to this since the stitching has a primitive look to it.

I thought it would be nice to use some of my ribbon for the backing closures. This needs a little bigger pillow in it but I was too excited to worry about it right now. Of course, after going to see the Christmas displays in a nearby garden center today, I would love to start my Christmas decorations but will put this away until the decorations come out later in the year.

This fabric is a cinnamon color with burnt orange. It has a star anise motif. Remember that happy giving dance? I want to giveaway the remainder of the fabric so someone else can enjoy using it for a finish. There is more than a fat quarter left and I would love to send it on its way to you to help me celebrate. So leave me a comment on this post to be entered into the giveaway. If you do not blog, be sure you leave me your email address so I can contact you if you win. Best of luck to you!


Nancy said...

Well, since I always comment on your blog entries, I will, but not to win the fabric. As you know, I AM NOT AND WILL NOT BE A QUILTER. LOL. I have quite enough crafts going on here, don't need anymore.
I love, love, love that cute little pillow. It is wonderful and boy, it has been waiting such a long time to be finished in so LITTLE time.
Love you, Mom
my word to type in is dolys.

Susan in SC said...

I would love be entered in your giveaway! Your pillow is beautiful!! You do such nice work.

Irene said...

Gorgeous pillow !

Ineke Platvoet said...

Love reading your blog although I never have yet commented on it; but for winning such a lovely fabric I will.
Great pillow and nice to read that you are so happy with it now it is finished.

Nancy said...

Ok, I changed my mind. Put my name in please, but IF I win, please give the fabric to Sonja for me.
Love you, Mom

Sonja said...

That fabric looks like there are "steranijs" motifs on it. Well, let's give it a go and please put my name on your list. You managed to make me plan a quilt...!
I love your pillow and good job you finished this UFO!

Anonymous said...

Oh Heidi, I love your pillow! You must be thrilled with it.

My cross-stitch sits sadly neglected at the moment. I haven't had time to pick it up for weeks.

I haven't had any exam results back so far, so I'm still waiting...luckily, this week's have been cancelled, which is good news, as I haven't had much time to prepare.

Thank you for stopping by to say hello. I'm not sure that I will be able to blog regularly, as the workload for my course is very heavy.

Marie x

Rhonda said...

hello Heidi
I'm glad to know that it takes other people a long time to finish some projects
isn't it funny how some projects we just work on every spare minute and finish them so quickly,
and then others take 7 years?

Brigitta said...

Dat turned out so beautifully Heidi, love the fabric and the way you did the piping. You're so clever with the sewing!!

Big Hugs

Maggie said...

Your pillow looks great Heidi, I'm not much of a finisher i'm afraid, i'd love to be, but me and my sewing machine have a sort of 'love/hate' thing going on, lol.
I hope whoever wins will put the fabric to good use, it looks a lovely colour

Daffycat said...

This turned out so beautiful, Heidi. Well done! I love the fabric you used for the backing...favorite colors for me. Enter me in the draw, please.

Kaaren said...

Heodi, your pillow is lovely and I'm sure it's happy to be 'exhumed' after all these years.

I have both a favor and a question to ask you. I absolutely love the look of piping on pillows, scissor fobs, pincushions, etc. but I have no idea how to go about it. Would you ever consider doing a tutorial?

I know I would be grateful and perhaps there are others like me who are relatively new to this whole new world of quilting and stitching that would need a little help as well? It most certainly doesn't have to be now or even in the immediate future but of course when you could afford the time. And no would be an acceptable answer as well.

Can you detect the whining and pleading in my post? (wink)

Enjoy your pillow and if I were you, I wouldn't put it away til after Christmas.

angelasweby said...

I saw your pretty little pillow whilst sitting idling away my time on the computer. Ireally love the way you've finished it The piped finish gives the little pillow attitude!! It seems to be sitting up really straight and saying, 'look at me!!"
It's so kind of you to offer the remaining fabric as a giveaway. I'd love to have a go at winnnig.
Warm hugs Angela

Anonymous said...

Good on you for getting it finished! It's so nice to have a special thing finished... and good on you for getting it done for Christmas too!!! I have a few Christmas projects which I'm sure will not be finished by Christmas!!

Tammy said...

Perfect finish Heidi, the pillow is SO pretty! Congrats on finishing your UFO. Please don't rush Christmas I have too many gifts to make yet...YIKES!!
BTW I wouldn't mind winning some fabric ;)
Groetjes (HA! ;) I wrote some Dutch!) and hugs2u!

Pondside said...

Congratulations on finishing that sweet pillow! I had a lovely piece of fabric like that, once. It had more red to it, and I cross stitched a teddy holding a wreath - it was a Gordon Fraser design and gorgeous.

Karen said...

How cute is that pillow! Great job.

mainely stitching said...

GORGEOUS finish, Heidi! Seven years seems perfectly acceptable to me. ;) Your choices of piping, backing, and ribbon are - as always - inspired. You have amazing taste! :D

Anonymous said...

What a lovely pillow you made. Is it for your livingroom? I'm still working on my USA quilt. Are there any ladies who read your blog and leave a message? I wonder if they have finished the quilt with blocks from Holland. Nou mijn engels zal wel weer "naadje" zijn, in het nederland klets ik een stuk beter. Maar een beetje oefening zo af en toe is toch wel leuk. Dag Heidi, succes met je volgende UFO. Hugs, Elly

Elizabethd said...

It looks perfect Heidi, I love the colours and the way you have put it all together.
I would love to enter the draw please.

Saskia said...

Just looking at my favorit blogs on my retreat. Only the computer is so slow, that I can read a book while it's (computer)opening the pages. (how slow can you go..7 years??..)
I realy like the pillow, can I win the patern of the cross stitch too?
A few more day's to shop for all my goodies (fabrics and stuff) and than I have to come home.
No need for fabrics?? They already know me at jo-ann's, wallmart and the quiltstore around the corner.

Christine said...

Your pillow looks stunning, no wonder you are happy dancing. I don't think I could bear to put it away till Christmas if I was you

Pam said...

Love your cushion, the colours are super. Well done for finishing your project x

Riet said...

Heidi what a lovely pillow you've made. I realise that I have the same fabric in my personal stock!
It's a great idea to make something like that in the past.
Have a nice weekend!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful job you have done! I love the colors in your fabric and would really like to win this giveaway,lol. I have enjoyed your blog for a long time and want to thank you for the stitcing inspiration you give us!

Brigitte said...

A wonderful finish, just right for the season to come.

Karen said...

I like the house stitchery!