"Buttons and patches and the cold wind blowing,
The days pass quickly when I am sewing"
~Author Unknown

Monday, October 12, 2009

Setting goals.....

Do you ever have moments around this time of the year that you already start to reflect on what you have accomplished? I know most of us do that in December as New Year's Eve approaches but it is too late then to add to that list of 'items finished'. Perhaps I am experiencing this more potently this year since 2009 has not been an easy year for me. I literally lost a month's time of being able to do my handwork and even more time for quilting. I also think the next logical step in a well tuned stash diet (mine has lasted almost two years now) is to really want to see so many UFOs become finished products.

So last week, without really thinking too much about it, I picked up a couple of older projects and decided to set a goal of having them finished by the end of the year. I started the sweet stitchery BOM along with everyone else out there in blogland when Lynette Anderson started it on her blog. I was enjoying these little blocks immensely! But this, along with other things, got put aside much to my dismay. So I am working on the next block which is where I stopped and am loving it all over again. See my unfinished Noah? He really needs his beard. And I changed the black cat at his feet to Dagi. I figured Dagi would enjoy waving goodbye as Noah and his friends take off on their cruise. *grins*

I am also going to work harder on a project just started in the summer which is a hexagon stocking for Christmas. It is being done with charms of fabric from my our closet and some given to me by my quilt group. I borrowed the perfect colors from my tumblers charm quilt to use for this project.

Last but not least, here is one of my quilt tops that has hung for years on a hanger waiting to be quilted. I used to teach patchwork and had to move on to keep ahead of the ladies I taught. I also had to come up with samples in various stages to show during classes or for my quilt group. The result is a huge stack on unfinished quilt tops. This quilt was one I made for myself and was deciding whether to use it for a workshop. I decided to stop teaching. It still meant many tops hung unloved. *sigh* I thought it would be nice to pick up one of the tops which was holiday themed as Christmas is just around the corner. This is going rather quickly as I am hand quilting it with gold metallic quilt thread. In order to see the effect of this thread, you must quilt in large stitches. After removing stitching because I kept making them too small, I am now in a nice rhythm and have started the quilting of the sixth star on a quilt of nine stars total. I now see how much I have missed sitting down to hand quilt! It is such wonderful therapy.

I should get a good deal of quilting achieved today. My lemon cake has been baked and glazed, awaiting the arrival this afternoon of my friend Elly. She is coming to sit and quilt after which she will join me for dinner. These kinds of afternoons are always very inspiring.

I hope you can make time today for something creative! Have you set any end of the year goals for your handwork?


Elizabethd said...

Quitling and lemon cake, what bliss! Have a lovely afternoon.

Brigitta said...

I hope I can find some time and peace of mind to do something creative. At the moment I'm exhausted and have decided to lie down for as long as my body and mind need it ;-)
Good luck with all your projects. I have too many lying around and it makes me restless, I just don't know where to begin...


Sonja said...

Cake and quilting seems a perfect combination!
And what can one feel satisfied when another UFO is finished! I know all about that.
How is your cold? Are you feeling better? Wishing you a lovely afternoon with your friend Elly.

Tanya said...

Those are wonderful embroidery pieces - I still have that link ... someday....that lemon loaf looks fabulous!!!

Jeanne said...

It really feels good to finish off an old project. I am hand-quilting a Christmas applique wallhanging I made many years ago...not sure if I'll get it done for Christmas but at least I'm making progress. I know I'll never reach the bottom of my pile of projects but that's okay - I just want to get it down to under 10 some day! Your lemon cake looks wonderful - enjoy!

conny ten berge said...

Succes met al je goede voornemens en hmmmmmm die cake ziet er heerlijk uit!!!

Heleen said...

I love the Ark of noah embroidery project.The cake looks yummie!

Annemarie said...

Ah, such lovely works in progress, Heidi! Can't wait to see that stocking! You know, I saw some of those hexagon templates in my local quilt shop last week, and was *very* tempted!

I hope you had fun with your friend! That cake really doeslook good enough to eat. But then, that's the idea, isn't it...

mainely stitching said...

You're amazing, Heidi. And I just love your projects. :D Wish I could share some of that cake with you!

Nancy said...

The lemon cake looks great. Since I know Elly, I know you two will have a good time and a lot to talk about. Your quilt looks like it will be great as usual and Noah and Dagi look fine. LOL.
He won't wave goodbye, he has to be on the boat too Silly Sally. Are you sure you want it to be Dag
Missed talking to you today, I got on but you weren't there later in the afternoon. Talk to you Tuesday.
Love you, Mom

Barbara said...

Dear Heidi,

thanks a lot for your visit and your nice comment!
What a cosy and warm blog you have!

Have a sunny and smiling week!
See you!

Christine said...

Love the stitchery pieces and the lemon cake looks delicious

Kaaren said...

Since I have only been quilting for 3 years and stitching for a short few months, I guess I haven't had the time to accummulate many UFO's...and I hope it stays that way. (wink)

I do have a Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt which I have been working on for the past year but I don't count that as I did give myself two years in which to complete it. September 2010 is my goal.

I think what you;re doing Heidi is what I would do as well and that is to set 'reachable' goals for yourself. By doing thism you'll see how quickly your WIP (notice I said WIP) pile shrinks in size.

Love your projects. Is there any cake left? (wink)

Clare said...

Heidi, you have set yourself a very pleasurable task, re-visiting your wip's. Quite often we find new impetus when we return after an absence. Your colour palette is very subtle.

Lemon cake is one of our favourites here, just the thing with a cup of tea.

All the best


angelasweby said...

What a pleasure it must be rediscovering Noah's Ark, it's such a lovely project. I know you'll get it finished now you've picked it back up again :>)
It has definitely been a hard year for you but, in your usual positive and determined way, you've taken everything in your stride. If anything, I think this year must be a bumper one for finishes for you :>)
That lemon cake looks mouthwatering. I hope you and Elly save a little piece for Jos :>)
Hugs Angela

DonnaTN said...

Why do we neglect projects that were so fun and exciting in the beginning? Maybe it has to do with shrinking attention spans or maybe we crave the thrill of the start. Your wips look great and I especially like the Christmas quilt top you are quilting. Now if you could just send some of that lemon cake through the computer...

Teri said...

Heidi, you are setting a good example with all your goal setting and finishing of late! The Noah's ark pieces are lovely. I especially like those cows! Keep the inspiration coming!!!