"Buttons and patches and the cold wind blowing,
The days pass quickly when I am sewing"
~Author Unknown

Monday, October 26, 2009

Hopping along.....

I have stitched a little more on my Quaker Row. This is such a sweet design to do. Perhaps it helps that I also love all these brown tones I am using and isn't the rabbit cute. I keep switching back and forth from this, another stitching project and my quilt. Although I have not had as much time to stitch or quilt as I would have liked as other things have been getting in the way. What things you wonder?

It has been a long time since I have mentioned my health but have had many emails inquiring so thought I would place an entry about how things are. Some who read both of my blogs will have already read this information and you can just skip unless you want to read about today in which case you can skip to the next to last paragraph.

I have been to the hospital three times last week for various appointments. I had to see a neurologist as my endocrinologist wanted me to see him since she thought I have carpal tunnel in both hands. After an hour and half of examinations, he told me that it was not carpal tunnel. I had expected that as I have pain in both my hands and my feet. I also have major itching all over my body. I have generally not been feeling like I have control again which was how I felt back in April before my thyroid stopped working. He told me that I have a rare side effect from Hashimoto's disease. Pain is common but the itching is from the antibodies my body is producing attacking the small nerves around my entire body. The neurologist asked me what I am doing for the pain and itching. My answer? Stitching and quilting. Perhaps you can imagine the look he gave me to that answer. Keeping your mind on things you love to do is good medicine. *grins*

I then saw the endocrinologist again and she told me that I do have Hashimoto's disease but that my thyroid levels are rising once again. I need to increase my dosage of medicine again. That explains why I have felt like my body was out of control again and also becoming very cold. Poor Jos has had to put up with me turning the heat up. He keeps wrapping me up in blankets so he can turn it back down.

Good news for two things. My neck has reduced by one full centimeter since I had the radioactive therapy. Woohoo! I also have two asthma medications I take now as I have a chronic airways infection that are really working well. I can even take walks again without coughing and gasping for air.

Today, I had yet another visit to the hospital to go to the dental surgeon. We had this planned for last January but I had to put it off because of the breathing problems and coughing. It now can no longer be avoided. I am not looking forward to it. He has to remove a molar that a very bad dentist damaged. It has been infected for four years. Well, I sit here tonight with that molar still in my mouth. The dentist send a referral letter for a different tooth. He wanted me to have another tooth done and I thought he gave me a referral for the molar which another specialist said needs to be removed. The oral surgeon said it will give me problems in the end and does need to come out but said he was not going to do anything today. He felt I needed some preparation work done first. We stopped in at the dentist and he looked. He still wants me to do the other one but I told him I would rather do this one now since it is infected. I now have to try and get an appointment for the surgeon again who is extremely busy. I have my fingers crossed (when I am not stitching that is...lol) that I can get this arranged tomorrow morning. What a mess!

Sorry for the long post. Are you still with me or did I put you to sleep? Well, since I am posting this at bedtime here in Holland, that is perhaps not a bad thing. Happy Monday to you!


Nancy said...

I do notttttt have faith in these nutty doctors and dentist you are seeing. Come homeeeeeeeeeeee.
I so wish you could go to the Cleveland clinic.
On a bright note, I love the cute little stitching piece you are working on.
Love you, Mom

Sonja said...

Wat balen dat het vandaag niet is doorgegaan. Je had het zo goed voorbereid en nou moet je nog een keer. Hopelijk hoef je niet te lang te wachten.
Je eekhoorn heeft leuk gezelschap gekregen van het konijntje. En inderdaad, de kleuren zijn heel mooi.

angelasweby said...

Oh dear Heidi,
What a shame about your tooth. I do hope things get sorted out soon. Visiting the dentist is bad enough when things go smoothly but, when they begin to mess you around it's no joke.

Quaker Row is looking so lovely. I really like those colours. Well, you always leave us with a bit of intrigue. I shall try to wait patiently to discover what you have been up to :>)
Warm hugs Angela

Ginny said...

I love the Quaker piece. It's charming.

You've been through a lot with your health. I hope you're able to get your dental problems dealt with in the best possible way.

Elizabethd said...

Oh dear Heidi, you dont need all this right now. I am sorry things are not too good. Take care of yourself.
Your sewing is, as always, lovely.

Susan in SC said...

You are having a hard time right now aren't you? I am so sorry to read of all your health problems. I agree with you mom. Maybe a trip to the states is in order!

Siobhán said...

Your Quaker Row looks great, Heidi! It's coming along nicely.

I'm sorry to hear about the continued health problems. I would be inclined to side with your mother on things, at least with regards to the dentist. I had an unsatisfactory experience with the dentists here and it's made me very gun shy and missing the dental care in the US. I know every place is different and that there are plenty of horror stories in the US about the dentistry, too, but it just makes me nervous, all the referrals, etc. Anyway, hang in there!

Anneke said...

I'm still with you, but it's already Tuesday... When I'm reading what your body and mind are going through, I don't envy you! That's much to take in.
And then your teeth! That I can relate to.
So good luck with your fysical issues. I hope you're able to stitch and quilt enough to lift up your spirit!

onlymehere said...

Oh Heidi, your challenges are even more difficult than I thought. My thoughts and prayers are with you and I hope that the oral surgeon can squeeze you in quickly. I'm sending you a big virtual hug to try and keep you warm!

Carolien said...

Hi Heidi,

These are quite some problems! I hate those dentists etc. of yours!
I will catch up with your blog later.

Your stitching is beautiful! See you tomorrow, nice, nice, nice! :)

Hugs, Carolien

Linda said...

Heidi...Quaker Row is just blooming...it is such a sweet stitch and I'm happy the floss seems perfect for it.

Oh, I'm sorry you are having such dental problems...I hope you get some care and relief soon. As a mom I know how your mom is feeling....sending you hugs and praying for some speedy action. Linda

Saskia said...

Back home again.
Had fun, now it's back to work and study.
So don't have much time for quilting these few weeks. I'm making a weekplanner, so I can puzzle some hours quilting in it.
Sorry to hear about your problems with the dentist. Hope it will be fixed soon.

Cindy at her Country Home said...

Psssttt, even naar deze blog van je "toe gehopt"! Verliefd geworden op je "pillow talk" ZUUUCCHHHTTT... laat me maar weer met m'n mond open staan van verbazing van al je mooie creaties. Heidi, ik hoop echt vanuit m'n hart dat al deze mooie stofjes en garens aan elkaar verbonden je het juiste medicijn kunnen geven om je er doorheen te slepen. Herken mezelf er helemaal in, dikke zoen Cin x

Pondside said...

Oh Heidi, I hope that some of these things will be sorted out for you soon. I'd wondered what was going on, but hadn't been to your other blog for some time. Thanks for keeping us up-to-date.
Thinking of you over here...........

Tone said...

All I can wish for you is good health!!
Reading your blog makes me feel sad for you - but I also feel joy for the way you keep on going, and stitching and doing a lot of stuff making the day better!
By the way - did you make the quilt in your blog header? holy...its fantastic!!
Leaving the house now - ready for girls weekend at a cottage!!
Love to you! Tone

Brigitte said...

Oh Heidi, I'm so sorry to hear about the hard time you are having right now. It's a shame that none of the problems can be solved immediately. I wish you a lot of patience and hope that at least that infected tooth will soon be taken care of. I can imagine the pain that is coming from it.
It's good to know that your stitching and quilting helps you to get through everything. This Quaker piece is such a beauty, I love the little rabbit and the squirrel. And the colours are wonderful.

My name is Riet said...

Oh Heidi, wat ellendig dat je alsmaar ziek bent en nou de kies er ook nog bij. Je quilts en borduurwerkjes zien er schitterend uit. Dank je wel voor je bezoek aan mijn blog en wordt gauw weer beter.